A wipe clean tablecloth in a pretty floral design can instantly lift the mood of your kitchen, bringing a lighter and brighter atmosphere to your home.  It’s a practical and inexpensive way to create a fresh look for the new season and, unlike decorating, is easy to change later in the year when you want to create a warm and cosy feel for the autumn and winter.

When choosing a floral PVC or oilcloth tablecloth, it’s a good idea to think about the colour which will suit your existing décor, and then decide whether you need a contemporary or traditional style.

Some of our most popular contemporary floral designs include:



Some of our most popular traditional floral design include:



William Morris tablecloth designs are timeless classics which look fabulous in any home.



You can browse all designs or view floral tablecloths by Wipe Easy here.  Don’t forget, you can order up to six free samples.