If you have an extra-wide table, it can be hard to find a tablecloth which fits.  Here at Wipe Easy, we have a special selection of wider width tablecloths, so you’re in the right place to find a beautiful tablecloth to fit a larger table. 

This photo of Let's Bake, a large round tablecloth with a centre seam, was sent to us by a customer – doesn’t it look fabulous?

Choosing a wider width tablecloth

With almost 30 wider width tablecloths to choose from and our new centre seam service, we hope you’ll find the perfect match for your large table.

The latest addition to our wider width tablecloths range is Hydrangea.

But there are also fabulous spots, plains and checks to choose from too.


View all wider width tablecloths.

However, if you prefer a design in our standard width range it may still be possible for us to create a well-fitting tablecloth for you.  All of our oilcloth, PVC and Teflon-coated tablecloths are made-to-measure, so we can add a neat centre seam to create the size you’re looking for – it’s a great solution for extra-large square, round or rectangular tables. 

To order your extra-wide tablecloth, simply measure your table using these instructions, choose your tablecloth and click on the ‘centre seam’ option before you add it to your shopping basket - easy. 

Don’t forget, we can also hem your tablecloth if you prefer.  While wipe clean tablecloths do not need to be hemmed, we offer this service to people who like this style of ‘finish’.

If you have any queries about extra-large wipe clean tablecloths or our hemming service, please do get in touch on 01606 833886, we’ll be happy to help.

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