If there’s one trend that never goes out of fashion, it’s checks.

While many people use checks with a feeling of nostalgia, recalling the gingham oilcloth and cheesecloth tablecloths of their grandparents, it’s a completely up-to-date choice.  Look at any home styling magazine and you’ll see checks are being widely used by today’s top interior designers, such is their everlasting appeal.

A wipeable tablecloth in a check pattern looks good in any style of kitchen, modern or traditional.  It’s also a popular choice for outdoor dining and barbeques. (If you’re looking for an outdoor tablecloth, don’t forget you can order a parasol hole with a gold or silver rim for a perfect fit.

Whether your taste is for large checks or small, bright patterns or pale, a check tablecloth is certainly an easy way to add a feeling of vibrancy to the tone of your room.

Take a look at Sundown Summer and Sundown Mineral, the most recent additions to our oilcloth tablecloth range and an interesting, modern twist on the check.

We also have a variety of gingham designs in a range of colourways including Gingham Red, Gingham Blue and Gingham Yellow.Gingham yellow


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