Why not invite your friends or neighbours round for a G & T or a gin tasting evening? And what’s more, you can even serve it on a matching wipeable tablecloth!

Gin and Tonic tablecloth

The best way to drink gin is either 3 parts gin to 5 parts tonic water or a simple 1:2 ratio. And the secret to the best G & T is to use lots of ice which, because it cools the drink so much, the ice melts slowly and doesn’t dilute the gin too quickly. You may fancy drinking it neat, but you’ll enjoy it more if you choose a good quality gin to avoid the strong taste of pine.

Gin has to be one of the most popular drinks in the world, with new flavourings frequently being introduced to tickle our taste buds. As for garnishes and flavours, the world is your oyster! Whether you go for a simple wedge of pink grapefruit, cardamon and rose petals or a cool green cucumber and mint vibe, it’s still the favourite drink and your friends will jump at the offer of a cool refreshing G & T.

Did you know?

It is rumoured that juniper berries were first made into gin by Benedictine monks in Italy in the 11th century. The English eventually got their hands on it whilst fighting the Spanish in Holland in the 17th century and it is said they drank it to calm their nerves before going into battle.


Drinks styled on Gin and Tonic Wipe Clean Oilcloth