Staying in on Valentine’s Day evening? Whether you’re planning to cook a sumptuous feast or treat your loved one to a take-away, it’s easy to set the scene for a romantic evening with a beautifully-laid table. 

A pretty table will distinguish your Valentine’s meal from your average weeknight supper. Plus, the extra thought and effort will show you care. Here are our top tips on creating a romantic Valentine’s table.

Your tablecloth is your foundation

A good tablecloth will form the base of your Valentine’s table. We’ve got a great selection of red designs – they look fabulous and because they’re wipeable, you’ll spend more time with your partner and less time cleaning up after your meal!

True Love Red

Big Dot Red

Bodium Poppy

French Check Red

Gingham Red


Mia Burgundy

Mia Red

True Love Red – this has to be the ultimate backdrop for your romantic meal!  From just £7.99 per metre.
Big Red Dot – the perfect way to show you’re dotty about your partner! From just £7.99 per metre.
Bodiam Poppy, French Check and Gingham Red – vibrant check patterns from £7.99.
Liberty – a gorgeous floral design for flower-lovers. From 10.99 per metre
Mia Burgundy – deep red is the ultimate symbol of romance. From £7.99 per metre.
Mia Red – a strong block of colour for a bold statement table. From £7.99 per metre.

Once you’ve chosen your tablecloth you can arrange the other aspects of your table.

Don’t get flustered by cutlery

The cutlery you’ll need will depend, of course, on what you’re cooking. Prepare your table with the cutlery you’ll need for your starter and main course – you can bring fresh cutlery with your dessert. If you haven’t enough cutlery for three courses and don’t want to buy cutlery for the occasion, this will give you time to wash up between courses!

When you set the table, a basic ‘rule of thumb’ is to use the cutlery that’s furthest from your plate for each course, then work your way in. Don’t forget to lay serving spoons on the table before your meal – it’s annoying to have to get up from the table just as you’re about to serve!

Pre-prepare your drinks

Set your water and wine glasses to the right of each place setting. It’s a good idea to have a jug of water to hand so you don’t have to leave the table mid-meal. Uncork red wine and let it ‘rest’ 30 minutes before you pour.

Add some finishing touches

If you don’t have linen napkins there are lots of pretty, good quality paper ones easily available. Buy them to match your tablecloth and dinnerware. Add a small vase of flowers, a couple of candles and choose some romantic background music.

Give yourself time

Plan your timing so you don’t get flustered. Make sure you’ve got time to check there’s no flour in your hair or butter on your nose, at the very least! And remember, your efforts are likely to be greatly appreciated, so enjoy your evening!

Happy Valentine’s Day!