Congratulations to our competition winner!

Diana Lawes is the winner of our Facebook competition to win a wipeable tablecloth from our fabulous Christmas designs range.

The competition involved finishing the sentence ‘My perfect Christmas is…’ We had lots of fabulous entries from customers who clearly know how to celebrate. However, our hearts were won by Linda for her sentence ‘My perfect Christmas is;
when no-one needs to say sorry - ‘Oops, sorry dear’ (coffee spill), ‘sorry Mum’ (gravy drip), ‘sorry Nanna’ (poster paint smear) or, ‘really sorry’ (wine tipped over) - and I can enjoy the day, without having to constantly reassure that I don’t mind, because my wipe easy tablecloth and a paper kitchen towel readily cope with all mishaps.’

We also decided to award a runner-up prize (one of our handmade oilcloth shopping bags) to Susan Aylott for her sentence: “My perfect Christmas is … cuddling up with my soul mate, best friend, the person who makes me complete my lovely Husband.” Ahhh, we love that!

All the entries were fabulous but these ones really captured what Christmas is all about! Well done Linda, we hope you enjoy your new Christmas tablecloth.

Other entries included:

“My perfect Christmas is…being with my 2 beautiful children in our new home appreciating friends and family that have supported us after a hard year.”
Emma Tucker

“My perfect Christmas is … a beautifully dressed table covered with delicious food and drink to share with loved ones.”
Julia Farrow

My perfect Christmas is … when the kids eat all sweeties of the Xmas tree, dog tries to open the parcels under the tree, it snows on Xmas day and we all eat to much, drink a little to much and have a good old sing song, lol!
Kerry-ann Wight

My perfect Christmas is … a Salvation Army Band playing Carols , dropping in to see friends and family, impromptu, bearing gifts. I LOVE giving gifts !! Just like the one I received that very first Christmas.
Heather Woodruff

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