It’s a well-known fact that colour can affect your mood.  The effect of different colours varies from person to person but it’s thought that ‘cool’ colours such as blues, greens and purples give us a sense of calmness while ‘warm’ colours such as reds, oranges and yellows make us feel more energised.

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When you consider that colour can affect your mood, it makes sense to be careful when you pick a colour scheme for your kitchen. 

After all, the kitchen is perhaps the most used room in the house, with research showing the average person will spend 1,132 days – that’s 3 years – in the kitchen during their lifetime.  So if your kitchen isn’t giving you those feel-good vibes, perhaps it’s time to re-think the colour scheme for a fresh new look (and mood!)


Blues are said to promote feelings of calmness and serenity and boost productivity.
However, blue can also create feelings of sadness or aloofness.
Be careful how you use it in the kitchen though.  It’s thought that blue is one of the least appetising colours, possibly because it rarely occurs in nature.

When decorating with blues, consider teaming with whites and creams or use contrasting colours such as yellow or orange. 

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Not surprisingly, the colour of nature symbolises harmony and safety.
It’s a great colour to choose if you want to create a calm atmosphere.

Team tones of green with similar tones or consider using with blues, yellows or contrasting shades of pink and purple.

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Red tones are well known for their association with energy, danger and love.
Red rooms are thought to enhance the metabolism and raise the blood pressure.

If you think red is too strong for your kitchen, then remember that not all reds are equal – consider red with pinkish and even orange tones.  Mix with a palette of greens for a contrasting look.

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The colour of sunshine and associated with joy and happiness.
A great colour for the kitchen as it promotes cheerfulness.

When decorating with yellow, don’t go overboard – too much yellow can be disturbing. Team with lime or orange tones or contrast with lilacs and purples. 

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Whites and neutrals

Whites and neutrals are great for making a room appear light and airy.
Said to signify safety and faith.

The good thing about whites and neutrals as your base is that you can easily jazz up your room with accessories in any colour.  Experiment with texture though, such as voile curtains or metallic decorations.

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Rejuvenating your kitchen with colour

We hope to have shown that with a little thought and imagination you can completely rejuvenate your kitchen without having to change any of your units or furniture.  A clever combination of colours and some new accessories is usually all it takes to make your room feel like new.

If you’ve got the time and the money, you might like to give the walls a new lick of paint.  Other quicker and easier ways to freshen up your kitchen with colour include:

Investing in new blinds or curtains.
Buying new cushions for chairs or a colourful throw if you’ve got a sofa in your kitchen.
Choosing a new wipe clean tablecloth in a delightful colour or pattern to instantly lift the mood of your room.  You can use a plain tablecloth to match or contrast with your colour scheme or choose a beautiful pattern to bring your wall or unit colour scheme to life.