Butterfly motifs are the in thing


When it comes to interiors, one of the most popular motifs of the moment is butterflies, with their bright and bold markings proving to be particularly attractive to homeowners absolutely everywhere - and happily, you can buy easy-to-clean tablecloths with these beauties of the insect world adorning them.


Whether you'd like one for yourself or are thinking of giving one to someone as a present, you'll immediately fall in love with these cloths, which are perfect to use during the summer months as people's thoughts turn to spending time outside but are also great to have on your table during the winter as a reminder that the long nights and tempestuous weather won't last all that long.


If you decide that this is the right kind of design for you, the next step in buying your beautiful new cloth is to figure out which material suits you best. It might be that you're more taken with a fabric option, which is always a popular choice since any spills can be washed out easily, but oilcloth fabric is growing in popularity every day as a more practical idea.


Any spills that might occur on these particular cloths can just be wiped up very quickly indeed, so there's no need to take everything off the table and whip the cloth into the washing machine if something does land on it. All you need to do is grab a wet cloth, give it a very quick wipe and it's as good as new... the perfect investment!