Blue is big news this year!


One of the hottest interior design trends that has emerged in 2014 is the colour blue and people all over the country are now introducing this shade in a variety of tones in their home, whether it be deep blues like navy and indigo or something a little bit brighter. Whatever hue you decide you like, the easiest way to bring this colour into your home is to buy yourself a brand new tablecloth.


Navy is a brilliant choice for anyone keen to introduce this shade immediately, as it goes so well with the vast majority of other colours, so there's no need to redecorate the rest of your house to tie in with your new tablecloth. You'll find that this very stylish hue is particularly flattering and goes with yellow, orange, cream... the list goes on!


What's more, the colour blue is renowned for instilling a sense of peace, stability and tranquillity in your home, which makes it perfect for places like the kitchen which can often be very busy spaces, with all sorts of things going on.


Teal blue is also a great choice for anyone keen to give their home decor a bit of a lift this year, as - like navy - this also goes with a lot of other colours, so it's really simple to bring into your home, whichever part of the house you'd like to see it in.


Blue is often reserved purely for the bathroom but be a bit bolder this year and bring it into the rest of your home for a truly modern, charming look.