If you enjoy the summer beauty of the allium flower, why not make it a year-round pleasure with one of our contemporary allium-themed wipe clean tablecloths?

This contemporary flower, with its distinctive ball-shaped flowerhead, makes a delightful design for any kitchen style.  We have two colour themes to choose from – Allium Cranberry and Allium Teal.

Our Allium Cranberry oilcloth tablecloth features lovely cranberry red alongside lucid lemon and charcoal on a natural background.  Our Allium Teal oilcloth tablecloth displays a pretty blue/green flower surrounded by mustard yellow and charcoal tones.

We think it’s a beautiful design with a slightly Scandinavian feel, and is certainly one of our most popular – probably because it works beautifully in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

To enjoy Alliums in your garden, now is the time to plant bulbs for a beautiful display next summer.  They like a sheltered, sunny spot with well-drained soil.  Smaller varieties can be planted 10 – 15cm deep and 10 – 15cm apart while larger varieties need a depth of 15cm and around 30cm apart.

You can plant allium bulbs in pots using a good multi-purpose compost.   Because they’re rather large and need to be well-spaced, so it can be difficult to fit several bulbs into one pot. This article by famous gardener Sarah Raven suggests layering like lasagne using different varieties to fill smaller pots and top-dressing potted allium bulbs with a generous layer of grit.

When the bulbs have finished flowering next year, leave the browning foliage until every leaf has died so that the bulbs remain healthy for another season.  You don’t need to remove them during winter, Sarah Raven suggest mulching with a generous blanket of mushroom compost.

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