When was the last time you sat down for a nice warm cuppa and a cucumber sandwich at four o'clock in the afternoon? Chances are you'll be inviting all your pals over to sit around your easy-to-clean tablecloth and do just that in the near future, since afternoon tea is one in a long line of British traditions that are coming back into fashion once again.


According to new research from Churchill Home Insurance, this new trend for popping out for a spot of tea is being driven by a younger generation (which might come as a surprise), with 62% of people aged between 18 and 34 either having recently gone or are about to go for afternoon tea.


But who to take along with you? The most popular companion is your other half, although 20% would be happy to go with their mums, which we think is lovely. What better way to show your mum how much you appreciate her than by whisking her off to a posh hotel for some cake and scones? You could even splash out on a bit of champagne which, we've heard, goes very nicely indeed with a macaron or two.


"It is good to see the resurgence of such a traditional British pastime," head of Churchill Home Insurance Martin Scott said. "New locations hosting afternoon tea are popping up all over the place and their success shows the popularity of a leisurely cup of tea and a piece of cake."


As nice as it is to go out for tea, having friends round for a cuppa and a bun is definitely just as fun. Just make sure you have your tablecloth in place before they come over!

 Check out the BBC good food guide on how to throw a tea party: