The start of a new year means many of us begin to think about the things we want to see and do in 2017.  Hopefully your list is jam-packed with fun ideas and improvements you want to make, but no doubt it’s also got a few household tasks on it too. 

Many people will remember that in days gone past that a great Spring clean would be on the cards any time between January and March.  While you don’t hear so much about Spring cleaning these days, it’s still got its fans. In fact, we discovered there’s a whole movement behind a good old-fashioned Spring clean, and even a nationally-celebrated week dedicated to the task.

Deep cleaning your kitchen is probably on a par with clearing out your wardrobe or garage – it’s quite a big task – all those cupboards to clear out, units to wipe down and ovens to clean. It’s not surprising that few of us relish the thought of this task! 

However, all the anti-procrastination experts say you must ‘keep the end in mind’ when beginning such a chore, otherwise you’ll risk not getting started in the first place. So perhaps it’s time to bring a fresh new look to your kitchen once you’ve got it spick and span.

You can do this relatively cheaply and easily by investing in a few pretty accessories to give your kitchen a fresh new look, and that’s where a wipe clean tablecloth can be worth its weight in gold.

It’s surprising what a difference you can make simply by introducing an oilcloth tablecloth in a lovely colour or striking pattern, it can really bring a room to life.  What you need to do is choose a colour which complements or contrasts with your existing colour scheme and then decide if you want a plain or patterned design.

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