A wipe clean tablecloth is so easy to care for that once you’ve owned one for a while you’ll probably never go back to using a fabric tablecloth ever again. 

As soon as you receive your Wipe Easy tablecloth you’ll be able to begin using it and from then on, a minimum amount of care and attention will keep it in tip top condition for a long, long time.


Wipe Clean tablecloths can be delivered on a roll but if you have opted for a folded delivery method there will be some creasing.

To get rid of creases, all you need to do is spread your tablecloth on your table, getting it as flat as possible, and the creases will drop out naturally over the course of a few days - it helps if your room is fairly warm. 

If you have bought an oilcloth tablecloth it is possible to get rid of the creases straight away by using a cool iron on the reverse (fabric) side.  If your tablecloth is 100% PVC it should not be ironed.

How to store your wipe clean tablecloth

If you don’t want to use your tablecloth all the time, you can store it by rolling it up so that it doesn’t crease.  If you do fold it there will be crease marks when you put it on your table again but don’t worry, they will either drop out over a few days or, in the case of oilcloth tablecloths, you can iron out the folds being careful to follow the instructions above. 

Keeping your tablecloth clean

It’s easy to keep a PVC tablecloth clean as most spills and mess can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth. 

We always recommend wiping your tablecloth after every meal to prevent food remnants from getting stuck, though you’ll find that even dried on food will scrape off with minimum elbow grease - that’s why Wipe Easy Tablecloths are so popular with parents!

Your wipe clean tablecloth should not be put in the washing machine or tumble dryer.

Preventing stains

Your Wipe Easy Tablecloth will be extremely durable and long-lasting, but there are a few items we’ve found that aren’t so easy to remove, or that will cause stains.

Tomato-based and curry sauces can cause a problem, as can ink, shoe polish, nail varnish and lipstick.  It’s also possible for newspaper print to leave a mark if the table is damp. 

Preventing burns

Whether you’ve chosen an oilcloth, Teflon-coated or PVC tablecloth, you’ll need to be careful not to place hot cookware directly onto the surface.  Always use placemats or trivets to prevent burning your tablecloth.

Got a question?

If you would like to know more about how to care for your Wipe Easy tablecloth, please visit our Help section or get in touch.

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