The long-range weather forecast predicts a reasonable summer this year so if you’re anything like me, you’re just itching to take every opportunity to get outside and enjoy your garden.

Earlier this year, when the days were shorter, I pledged to use my garden more often and to make sitting outside a daily habit.  So on a sunny morning, instead of sitting in the kitchen, I’ve got into the habit of enjoying my cup of tea on the patio.  I’m not sure why it’s take me so long to discover that a few minutes outside really can set me up for a positive day but it works a treat – give it a try if it’s not already a habit for you.

If you’re a green-fingered gardener perhaps you already have a little haven for your morning coffee. If not, you may want to dust down your garden table and put a bit of thought into how it might become a more pleasant place to start the day.  Here are some cheap and easy ways to make your garden table a little more inviting.

1.  Buy a little vase for flowers

You don’t need to go overboard, just a little vase which will hold one or two short stems will make your table look pretty.

2.  Choose a cup and saucer which you love

Whether you’re a tea fanatic or a coffee lover, your morning brew will be more enjoyable if you drink it from the perfect cup or mug.  John Lewis have a great selection of plain and pattern cup designs.

3.  Give your table a lick of paint (or varnish)

Smarten up your table with a lick of paint or varnish.  It need only take you a few minutes and will not only make the furniture look better, it will last longer too.

4.  Pick out some pretty seat covers

If you have wood or metal garden furniture, make your seating area ultra-comfortable with some pretty seat covers. 

5.  Choose a wipe clean tablecloth

Brighten up your table with a pretty wipe clean tablecloth in a colour or pattern you love.  All of our PVC tablecloths are suitable for use outdoors – we can even provide tablecloths with a parasol hole and you can buy table clips to prevent it from blowing away in the breeze.

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