With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we have come up with a fabulous idea to decorate your table with beautiful fresh red roses. It’s such an easy decoration to make and will last for several days if you keep the flowers well watered.

And once you have found a suitable container, you can reuse it at other times of the year. If you change your wipeable tablecloth you can recover the box and fill it with roses or other flowers to coordinate with your cloth.

How to make a Valentine’s Day table decoration. 

  1. Cover a circular box with card or fabric to match your Wipe Easy tablecloth.

  2. Decorate with coloured ribbon.

  3. Line the box with a sheet of plastic and trim off any excess.

  4. Cut some florist oasis to the fit inside the box. Soak in water for up to 10 minutes or until the oasis is wet all the way through.

  5. Place the oasis in the box.

  6. Take each rose and cut the stem at an angle to the required length and remove any leaves.

  7. Stick the roses into the oasis, arranging them closely together.

  8. Keep the oasis moist by watering regularly.

Styled on Linum Red Oilcloth