Have you been able to get to the beach this summer? If you go to the right beach, you are likely to find all sorts of interesting things from driftwood to shells and coloured rope. It’s just like looking for treasure and you never know what you might find.


Look out for planks or sticks of driftwood, bleached by the sea and sun. With its weathered appearance, it’s great for making a whole range of things. We made a ladder from some chunky branches and used thinner sticks for the rungs. We now just have to decide whether it is going in the bathroom or the hallway.

If you have a collection of shells, these look great in a clear glass dish so that all the different shapes and colours are easy to see.

Coloured sea glass is a real treasure to find and if you have the right tools, you can drill a little hole and hang it on a silver chain with a little charm.

With so many crafty ideas you are going to be busy at your kitchen table, so why not choose a wipeable tablecloth to protect the table top? Here we’ve used the Sardine Colonial oilcloth tablecloth and the colours are just perfect with the things we found on a recent beachcombing trip.