If you want your wipe clean tablecloth to look really good then it’s important to get the perfect fit. That’s why we’ve introduced a centre seam service.  A neat centre seam means we can create fabulous oilcloth tablecloths for use on extra-large tables.  They’re perfect for customers who have non-standard kitchen tables, extending tables or dining tables.

The importance of a good fit

If you have an extra-large table, it can be a problem to get a well-fitting tablecloth.  A tablecloth which is too big will get in the way when you try to sit at the table, while a tablecloth which is too small will be immediately noticeable.

What you need is a tablecloth which drapes nicely over the corners and edges of your table to achieve a more pleasing finish (we recommend 8"/20 cm).  So, if you have an extra-large table, you can opt to have a centre seam added to ensure your oilcloth or PVC tablecloth looks the part.

What is a centre seam?

A centre seam is simply an additional piece of oilcloth fabric which is neatly stitched together to create an extra-large tablecloth.  We take your chosen design and match the pattern as closely as possible to ensure the centre seam is barely noticeable.  This means you can choose a Wipe Easy tablecloth for almost any size of table.  As you can see below, the centre seam is barely noticeable.  Please note that pattern match is not always possible, sometimes we can't find the pattern and achieve the size that you need.  See also the backing finish to a centre seam.

Neat flat finish to the reverse side of a centre seam tablecloth

Ordering a tablecloth with a centre seam

Once you have chosen a design please email us with the size of your table and we will quote you a price.


Extra-large Christmas tablecloths

Need an extra-large tablecloth for Christmas?  Wipe clean tablecloths are perfect for parties and large gatherings – they look great and don’t require any washing or ironing!  Take a look at our fabulous Christmas tablecloth designs.

Got a question?  If you need help ordering a Wipe Easy tablecloth for an extra-large table, please get in touch, we’ll be glad to help.

* we try our very best to pattern match centre seams but it may not be possible in all cases.