Are you starting to think about Christmas? We know some of our customers are getting ahead for the Christmas period and ordering their wipeable tablecloths from our lovely range of Christmas tablecloths. Once you have ordered your cloth, you may start thinking about how to make your table look extra festive this year.

These mini Christmas trees are super easy to make and in fact they can be made from your Christmas tree once you have bought it. We always cut the bottom branches off our tree so that it will fit into its stand and these offcuts are perfect to use. If you don’t have any cuttings, you can buy a potted dwarf conifer from your local garden centre and use the branches to create your mini trees. We bought an Albertina conica and it provided sufficient branches to make 5 mini trees.

We used 3 flower pots all the same size and covered them in white felt. To add some festive colour we tied a length of red and white bakers twine around each pot, finishing with a bow.

If you are preparing your trees more than a couple of days in advance, you can put small tumblers inside the pots and fill these with water. Take short cuttings and build up your tree shapes and finish off with white pompoms.

Arrange your trees along the centre of the table and weave mini lights around them. You can then use Christmas tree offcuts to finish off the decoration.

Styled on Christmas Woodland oilcloth tablecloth