How to Make a Christmas Star Wreath in 15 Minutes

Have you seen our range of star design tablecloths? Well, looking at all these star designs got us thinking about a more contemporary star-shaped wreath for our door this year.

The beauty of this wreath is in its simplicity and it was really easy to make. You can make it in a matter of minutes with just a handful of foliage and a few decorations. We foraged for foliage and ivy on a country walk but you could just take a branch from your Christmas tree. The baubles we used are recycled decorations from some fancy crackers we had a few years ago and the heart decoration is a white decoration that we rubbed over with some bronze wax, but you can use whatever you fancy.

How to make your Christmas star wreath

  1. Take your star-shaped frame and decide on the decorations you are going to use.

  2. Make a posy with your chosen foliage and attach it to the frame with thin wire.

  3. Add your chosen decorations using wire to attach it to the frame.

  4. Thread a coordinating ribbon through the eye at the top of the star and there you have it - a thing of beauty in just minutes.