This fun Allotment Oilcloth tablecloth reminds us of the joys of growing vegetables which you can do in pots if you haven’t got much space. Vegetables can also look pretty funky growing amongst your plants in your flower beds too!

This cloth is also ideal to put on your garden table whether it’s to protect it whilst you dine outside or if you need to pot up some plants, a quick wipe down once you have finished and its clean again.

We have got our runner beans planted now and we saw a top tip for the bean poles which we are going to try this year. Using the usual length of pole, rather than creating a circle with them which are tied at the top, try tying the poles together about 1m above the ground so that they then fan out into a wide circle above. This then allows the beans to hang down and it’s easier to find them when you come to pick them.

Happy gardening!