Do you remember picking blackberries during your childhood? Maybe you are now carrying on the tradition and you take your children or grandchildren. You will find plenty of nature’s delights growing out in the countryside in hedgerows and you may even find some in your own back garden.

It’s perfectly OK to forage in public spaces as long as you stick to the footpaths. However, don’t be tempted to stray onto private land unless you get the owner’s permission first. When it comes to the quantity you should pick, remember to leave enough for others coming along after you and of course, the local wildlife that may be depending on it too.

You may be picking produce to eat or perhaps you are gathering some of nature’s goodies for an arrangement or decoration.

When picking produce to eat, avoid hedgerows beside busy roads and make sure you are picking from above the height of the tallest male dogs! Make sure you know what you are picking and that it is safe to eat. There is plenty of information online along with a multitude of recipes if you need inspiration.

In this photo we have a mixture of foraged wild food and nuts, not all are safe to eat but the colours look lovely on this pale Mia Grey tablecloth.

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Styled and photographed by Lottie at Creative Reach.