We love this striking combination of purple and green. Purple has a naturally calming vibe and is very much the fashion colour of the season.  If you want to introduce purple into your colour scheme, try using another strong colour to contrast with it, like we have here with these lovely vintage cabbage dinnerware plates. The acid lime green sweet chestnut cases really pop on this Dunham Damson cloth which is also available in a range of colours. Other contrasting colours you can pair up with purple are orange and yellow whilst the colours next to purple on a colour wheel like pink and indigo, when used together can create a lovely relaxing mood.


The figs on the tree in our garden are ripening very quickly now and we are harvesting them daily. When we have a good batch, we halve them, lay them out on a large baking sheet and sprinkle with sugar and ground cinnamon. We then leave them in a low oven for several hours until they have dried out to the consistency of wine gums. When cool, we cram them into jars of golden clear honey so that we can enjoy them throughout the rest of the year.

Styled on Dunham Damson tablecloth design.