We love the Cluck Cluck range of wipe clean oilcloth tablecloths available in 4 different colourways – Indigo, Kiwi, Capri and Tangerine. In fact we had trouble deciding which one to select for this serving suggestion and after much deliberation we chose the Tangerine.

Once we had decided on the tablecloth, we popped down to the local farm with a basket to buy their delicious free-range, corn-fed eggs which have lovely yellow yolks. After a quick chat with the farmer we came back to our kitchen, where we brought a small pan of water to the boil and carefully placed our treasured eggs in the pan.

Whilst the eggs were cooking, we wrapped some Parma ham around a few breadsticks and arranged them on a serving plate. 4 ½ minutes later, we lifted the eggs out of the water and sat them in their egg cups. Once we had lightly tapped around the tops of the eggs, we inserted the tip of a teaspoon and removed the lid of the egg exposing the runny yolks. Then we dived in with our soldiers!

So simple but totally delicious.

If you are looking for more ideas for dunking into your eggs, try lightly steamed asparagus or long-stemmed broccoli.