We’ve got all the family coming for supper and so we thought we would get out the box of games. Even though some of the games date back several decades they are still really great fun to play. Whether it’s Pick Up Sticks, Shake Words or Flounders, everyone in the family has a favourite game they remember playing when they were young.

So, once we’ve finished eating and have cleared away all the plates and glasses, we leave the wipeable cloth on the table and have a look through all the games to decide which ones we are going to play. We then spend the rest of the evening getting ever so slightly competitive!

If you haven’t got any games to hand, you only need a few pens and some sheets of paper and you can have just as much fun with all ages of the family. Have a look online for ideas as there are plenty of websites with lists of games to play. And if this is an activity that the family doesn’t do very often, it will be interesting to see how long everyone stays off their phones!

Games styled on Elsa Tutti Fruity design.